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The FNF Junior Team

Crystal Wikaira

I started at year 6 in primary school where Phil Gibbs ( my coach ) saw me and ask if i wanted to join his cycling club ( Far North Flash ) on athletic day.

Triathlons are what i enjoy the most but sometimes cycling can be alright for me, but i mostly like triathlons.

This sport keeps me fit and lets me see places i might have already seen or not have seen before and i get to meet new people like Joanna Sharpe. She's the best person to go on rides with.

Tyla Mia Foster

I started when I was a yr6 student a Kaitaia Primary School in 2016. Thats where I also met Phil and he asked me me if i wanted to join the FNF Team. I said yes. He asked me because when I was doing cross country he saw me crying when I was running and I said I didnt want to come 4th.

I don't enjoy training! But I enjoy playing on my phone, PE and Maccas.

Obviously it keeps me fit and out of trouble but it also takes me places I have not been to before. Hopefully one day I want to go to the Olympics and eventually become a PRO CYCLIST!!! 

Brooklyn Dunn-Lloyd

It all started when my coach Phillip Gibbs saw me next door. He said he watched me for 8 months. He asked if i wanted to join the group, I had to think about that before i gave the final answer yessssss.......

I really enjoy food, my phone and my family and friends.

Cycling does lots of stuff like makes me skinny and toned up. It teaches me how I can win all my races in the future..

My goal is to be a under 13 cycling champ so i can be up there with my best friend Tyla -Mia Foster.

Renee Harrison

Chelsea Nichols

Hayden Smith

Glennis Walters

I started when I went with Crystal and Brooklyn on a day where we spent a day in Phil's class. When Brooklyn had told Phil that I wanted to start next year... but then I ended up starting the next day.

I enjoy when we go to places for cycling and when we travel. I also enjoy MAACCCAASSS!!! hahaha...

Cycling keeps me fit and healthy. Being with cycling team means we go to places I haven't been before. I learn about those places and leaves me with memories with friends and best friends.

What I want to achieve is to train really hard to be next years under 13 girls champion.

Geraldene Leef

It all started when I was a year six on the first week of the first term of the year Phil asked me to join. I was so excited to hear the good news so I asked dad. It took dad a few days for dad to say yes but eventually he said did.

I was so so so excited but a bit nervous. All I did before joining was homework,reading and chores but now I travel a lot and ride.

On the 16 of June I did the C2K Cycle Challenge, my first 112k ride, it was a challenge but it was fun.

Sunny Stedman

I started when I was a year six I went to the wheat-bix tryathlon with Phil and then he said to me if I would like to be in the FNF because he saw how I rode at the wheat-bix tryathlon and it took me like a week to say yes. It is very fun cycling.

I said yes because I thought it might of been a good thing for me like making me a better person because I was a person that would run around the streets like hood rats but now I don't, I try hard.